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Custom Blending of Adhesives & Sealants

Custom Blending of Adhesives & Sealants Planetary Mixer

To ensure the high quality results your customers expect, let CAMMDA handle your Custom Blending needs. Custom Blending requires precision and expertise. Put CAMMDA's resources to work for you by taking advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities and decades of experience in the adhesives and sealants industry.

Custom Blending Capabilities:

• Viscosity Adjustment
• Durometer Change
• Pigmentation
• Additives - Microspheres, Shims

De-Airing / Degassing:

Degassing/De-Airing improves the performance of your materials by removing air pockets and bubbles that can form during mixing. An essential component of our Custom Blending technology, Degassing/De-Airing is also available as a stand alone service for customers who are blending their materials in-house.

Packaging Options:

Dispense-Pak™, our custom filling and packaging division, offers further assistance by metering your finished materials into smaller, more convenient packages. 

Benefits Summary

Value Added - Takes standard adhesives & sealants to the next level
Quality - Enhances the performance of your adhesives & sealants
Uniqueness - Tailored solution helps distinguish your product or service
Expertise - Utilize our knowledge
Cost Effective - Utilize our specialized equipment and facilities
Short Run Capability - Practical for small and large companies
Quick Turn-Around

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