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Dispensing Accessories
Dispensing GunDispensing Guns
To deliver your adhesive or sealant where you want it when you want it, Cammda offers a huge range of manual and pneumatic cartridge dispensing guns for both single component and dual component applications.






NeedlesDispensing Needles/Dispensing Tips
To ensure precision fluid dispensing, Cammda offers a complete range of dispensing needles and dispensing tips. Available in stainless steel, teflon, polyethylene and polypropylene, we offer a needle or tip for general or specialty applications.




 SyringesDispensing Syringes/Pistons
A variety of sizes from 1cc to 60 cc are available in pneumatic or manual configurations. Molded from chemical resistant polypropylene, Cammda dispensing syringes are suitable for a host of chemical applications. Syringe pistons are available in neoprene or polyethylene.



syringe adaptersSyringe Adapters:
Syringe adapters are used to connect the syringe to a pneumatic dispenser. Depending on the application, they are available in 3 ft or 6 ft assemblies with bayonet or 5/32 terminations.





A 2oz hand held squeeze bottle dispenser that provides an economical approach for applying low to medium viscosity liquids quickly, cleanly and accurately. The luer locking top adapts to any of CAMMDA's standard dispensing needles as well as our specialized dispensing tips.



Cartidges 2Cartridge Dispensing:

Where the application material volume exceeds syringe capabilities, Cammda dispensing cartridges are employed. Available in both single component and dual component configurations.



static mixersStatic Mixers:
Inexpensive, disposable motionless mixers provide thorough, air-free blending of two part thermosetting resin systems. They work equally well on dual cartridge systems and meter-mix-dispense machines. Materials do not meet until they enter the disposable static mixer, thereby providing an environmentally friendly solvent free mixing solution.



Fluid Line Assemblies 
 Pinch Tubing
 Adapters & Fittings